"Partner Parents is a personal and intimate child sponsorship program...

“Any of you who welcomes a little child like this because you are mine, is welcoming me and caring for me.” (Matt. 18:5 TLB)

“You can transform a nation through education” -- Dr. Rochunga Pudaite

Victor from Sielmat, India was a bright child with a lot of determination. School was not going to be an option for Victor until a faithful sponsor stepped in and covered his schooling costs. After completing high school he went to college and became an optometrist. Victor returned to his hometown and opened an eye clinic at Sielmat Christian Hospital and serves over 100 patients per month. None of this would have been possible without the support of his sponsor.

You have the opportunity to sponsor another Victor. Join us to send more kids in poverty to school who otherwise would be left without an education.

Your monthly support provides your child/student with a quality Christian education plus school uniforms, books, supplies, and basic medical care. This program is the most personal and intimate child sponsorship program you will find! You will witness first hand the academic and spiritual growth as you write back and forth with your sponsored child or student.

Use the secure site below to begin your sponsorship today. You can request a boy or a girl and age range preference.

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