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Bibles For The World's global vision is to share the Good News of God's love around the world by making the Bible available to unreached peoples.

Bible projects touch the lives of individuals and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many nations across the globe by making Bibles available where God's Word is scarce. Your partnership will have an impact in countries like Nepal -- the fastest growing nation of new believers in Christ -- or Cuba, where a new era of relations with the United States has opened the door for the Gospel.

Around the world there is a deep hunger to learn about God and His love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Please help men, women and children who are eager to discover the truth of the Gospel! 

Your gift of $35 will provide 14 individuals with their own copy of God's Word -- in their language! --and you will help impact dozens more as those who receive Bibles share with family members and friends.

Thank you for your help!

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