Please Bring Healing and Hope to Seiboi...

You Can Help Provide Healing and Hope for This Young Man at Sielmat Christian Hospital...

Your gift will provide urgently needed physical therapy for Seiboi -- and you will help demonstrate Christ's love and encouragement to his impoverished family.  

Seiboi was partially paralyzed in a fall from a roof where he was working to earn money to help his family.  Unable to afford medical care, the paralyzed young man lay in his parents' small home until he was discovered by members of a World Race team that helped conduct a Mobile Medical Clinic through Sielmat Christian Hospital.  They brought Seiboi to the hospital where he has slowly improved during his five-month stay.  Doctors believe that with proper physical therapy, Seiboi will be able to sit in a wheelchair.  But we're praying he may one day be able to walk again!

One month of daily physical therapy with a qualified therapist will cost $350 -- but Seiboi will need from 4-6 months of therapy at a total cost of about $2,100.  

Your gift can provide healing and hope for this young man -- And his family!

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Thank you for your help!


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